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A Guide for the Understanding Personal Injury


What is a Personal Injury?

Personal Injury is defined as any nature of harm, damage, injury, or – in certain cases – death sustained by one or more individuals; due to the fact the personal injury is such a vast legal classification, a variety of subgenres, determinations, and categorizations have been implemented with regard to the judicial review of such incidents – personal injury may range in nature, from physical to emotional. The notion of Personal Injury is applicable to virtually every facet of everyday, societal life; akin to the variation in the degree of the Personal Injury, the settings, circumstances, and classifications of Personal Injury will be subject to variation, as well. The following are amongst the most common types of Personal Injury incidents:

Traffic Accidents

A traffic accident – or ‘car accident’ is an unforeseen, unexpected collision taking place involving a motor vehicle and any nature of objects, which can include pedestrians, other motor vehicles, or the surrounding environment.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are personal injuries resulting from the participation in occupational labor or employment; the vast expanse of workplace injuries may range both in severity, as well as in nature.


A tort is defined as unlawful behavior conducted by one individual or individual, which results in the personal injury of another individual or individuals.

Legal Classification of Personal Injury Statutory Legislation

Within the United States of America, the fields of Tort Law and Civil Law are the primary legal fields in which Personal Injury litigation resides; in accordance to the classification of a personal injury, the circumstances will largely result from a wrongdoing suffered upon one individual at the hands of another individual within a civil setting – both the intent and specification of the personal injury in question will undergo judicial review within the associated hearing:

Tort Law and Personal Injury

Although the legal instrument known as a ‘Tort’ is derived from the French translation of the term ‘injustice’, Tort Law is one of the primary legal fields with regard to the judicial oversight and legislative regulation of personal injury claims filed in the United States of America. Amongst the foremost classifications of Tort Law – in conjunction with Personal Injury - is the occurrence of personal injury sustained by an individual or individuals within a setting where contractual stipulations or mandated statutes are not applicable; ‘due diligence’ is the expectation and requirement of an individual to conduct themselves in a fashion adhering to the implicit guidelines of that given setting or activity. As a result, the following legal instruments and factors are amongst the heaviest weighed within the legal analysis and judicial review of a Personal Injury:

Civil Law and Personal Injury

Judicial review taking place within the jurisdiction of Civil Law will typically take place with regard to personal injury in the event that premature death is suffered. The failure of the accused party efficiently maintain or uphold proper and lawful operations or behaviors within an activity or operation - within which the permissibility to undertake those specific activities have been authorized – will contribute to the determination of both liability and accountability. In contrast to a murder charge, which will typically result from the determination of malicious intent, Civil Law retains the classification of ‘wrongful death’ within a personal injury claim resulting in the death of another individual deemed to result from negligence in lieu of malice.

Personal Injury Assistance and Counsel

Legal assistance, within the field of personal injury law can provide much needed assistance with regard to the imperative within the formulation of a legal and valid personal injury claim; this may include the compilation of an incident report, testimony, as well as the submission of a claim to the proper overseeing – or regulatory body.

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