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An Overview of Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

Each state has establish unique laws and regulations regarding workplace injuries. When an individual obtains injuries in his/her place of employment, he/she may be eligible for unemployment, though this is not always the case. An individual's eligibility will depend upon his/her unique situation and circumstances, as well as the state in which he/she resides. In many instances, when an individual suffers from workplace injuries, he/she will qualify for workers' compensation, which may provide him/her with vital monetary funds until he/she is able to return to work.

If an individual is fired or laid off because his/her injury prevents him/her from effectively completing his/her duties, he/she will be eligible for unemployment. He/she may also qualify for unemployment if his/her injuries physically or psychologically prohibit him/her from working. If he/she can obtain a letter from his/her doctor or psychiatrist stating that he/she is physically or psychologically unable to work, unemployment may be warranted. In instances such as these, he/she may also qualify for social security disability benefits.

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