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America's Leading Personal Injury Attorney- David K. Kremin

November 08, 2012 07:43pm  
America's Leading Personal Injury Attorney- David K. Kremin

Righting Wrongs, Fighting for Justice, Getting you the Compensation you Deserve- David Kremin is America’s Leading Personal Injury Attorney.

There’s a hidden part of me that rushes in to right the wrongs done to others. I can trace that back to Ralph Nader’s Unsafe at Any Speed and the famous Corvair car case of the 1960’s. Nader detailed the reluctance of a company to spend money on safety enhancements, even when the inadequate safety measures in place were life threatening. To me, that was morally irresponsible and reprehensible. Overcome by these passionate feelings, I set out years ago as a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney dedicated to changing these injustices. First, I needed to help the victims of unnecessary accidents get the largest financial awards possible. I hoped that the prospect of litigation and large payoffs would encourage corporations to act responsibly as far as employee safety was concerned. Still, if the prospect of high expenses through litigation and large awards to injured employees didn’t influence them enough to 
make the necessary improvements voluntarily, then I had to change the law itself.
That’s exactly what happened in our 911 dispatcher case in which a 9 year old boy lost his life to an asthma attack due to the negligence of responding paramedics and the unqualified 911 dispatcher who took the frantic call. My firm helped his mother, Sharon, receive a large award for her emotional pain and suffering. Moreover, we forced legislation to be passed requiring 911 dispatchers to be trained and certified before they’re hired, in an effort to spare future “Sharons” from such devastation.
Satisfied at our ability to improve regulation and prevent future accidents, we are nonetheless still charging at corporate windmills by securing big awards for our clients—over $100 million in claims—some of the biggest in Illinois history.
We’re equally proud that our services are affordable. Our “no charge until we win” arrangement makes our expertise available to any injury victim interested in personal attention and highly skilled representation dedicated to helping you get the compensation due to you after your injury. You will need to contact an injury lawyer to protect your rights.
We offer free consultations and our clients can count on my personal involvement in every case. When necessary, I include some of my top associates with 20+ years of experience to ensure we have all the experts we need to win for you.
Helping those whose lives were so drastically changed by injuries and bringing about needed change in legislation are the things that drive me. I plan to continue rushing in to the rescue for years to come. 
For more information about Chicago Personal Injury Attorney, David. K. Kremin, contact him at  (800)-ASK-A-LAWYER,  1-800-275-2529. 


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